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About Us

About Us


Since beginning homebuilding in 1986, Michael Sivage  has constructed over 10,000 homes across the Southwest. From his experience, Michael gained a  wealth of knowledge which led him to open Sivage Homes.

As a company we have won countless awards for our quality and imaginative designs. We continue to position ourselves at the forefront of the industry by adapting our plans to reflect the lives of our customers.  

Why we’re different

We believe a Sivage home is an extension of our customer’s lifestyle. Each home is designed and built for how you live. Before we purchase property to develop, we envision the customer. With our customer in mind, design, value, and location follow.

Our goal is to consistently deliver the best new home value in the market. Our homes offer cutting edge designs and features, in communities that our customers will be proud to come home to. When you buy a Sivage home you’re buying more than a beautiful house; you’re buying a great reputation that continues to grow with each new home we build.


To build high-quality homes having designs and features that meet the changing needs of the American lifestyle; to create communities that are special places; and to do all this with the best possible service at the most competitive price.


The foundation for all that we do begins with the simple philosophy “treat others as you would like to be treated.” This applies to our vendors, our realtors, our bankers, our employees – and most importantly, to our homeowners. Fundamentally, we believe that this starts by operating with honesty and integrity – principles where there is no room for compromise. 

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