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Why Sivage

Why Sivage

What is a home if not the ultimate expression of a person’s own aesthetic? Your home is the place to host the cherished moments that make life worth living, and importantly, it provides that safe haven in which to live. A home is the defining space that allows our senses to relax, comfort to reign and as desired, to bring the outside in.

At Sivage Homes, we take the design of a home quite seriously, and always have. We have always understood what our role is. We don’t simply build homes, we create spaces for real people to live within. In fact, our company takes this charge so seriously, that we present Design Sensibilities™ – a unique, and proprietary design service that ensures that our vision, becomes your vision – that our homebuilding expertise becomes your home – in every sense of the word.

In today’s hectic pace, building a custom or semi-custom home is not a task for the faint of heart. It can be so overwhelming in fact, that many people simply choose to never take it on. Yet as homebuilders, we know that the expression of oneself within their home is critical. Design Sensibilities™ offers our clients the comfort in knowing that literally, the thousands of decisions that go into the process of building a home have been considered and that the proper functionality of the home has been keenly observed.

And it is because your unique aesthetic as well as your input is so critically important to the overall satisfaction of your home, that we have created a process that welcomes it – so that in the end, the imprint on your home – is yours.

Our Design Consultant, Judy Morse, will work with our clients to make this happen, and guide you through this process. She has many years of experience working closely with clients to help them express their vision, needs, preferences, etc.

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